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Stop Motion Animation Classes

Members are now hard at work, filming their own stop motion animation projects for the Boys & Girls Club Digital Arts program.

For this project, our elementary and middle school members learned to create short animated movies with toys and common household objects by using a filming technique known as "stop motion" animation. Similar to claymation, this method involves carefully positioning your props and photographing them, moving them by small increments between frames. GIMP, a free, open source image editing program, is then used to combine the series of pictures into a video file. Members learned to operate a digital camera, edit images, and create awesome animated .gifs!


These are a few example videos that were made to introduce the concept


Member Videos


Gabe Ross, 3rd grade



Jessie Jacko, 7th grade



Michael Herrera, 7th grade

waffles3 attckoftherobot2 devinwoodard  

Olivya Roe

Aidin & Brody Wilson

Devin Woodard


greatfutures clr

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