The Learning Center provides a fun and supportive environment for our young members to focus on their school work and participate in educational extracurricular activities. Homework assistance and tutoring are available daily as well as a large, grade level appropriate library, board games, and more.




Power Hour helps drive positive outcomes for youth in the area of academic success by extending learning beyond the school day. It offers a structured time and place for Club staff and volunteers to help members complete their homework – and start each school day better prepared and with a sense of confidence and competence. As members complete homework assignments and participate in fun, hands-on activities that reinforce their learning, they earn Power Points that they can redeem for incentive prizes and special privileges. In addition, Power Hour offers small-group or one-on-one tutoring assistance for members identified as needing additional help with specific subjects or skills.



This strategy is based on research demonstrating that students do much better in school when they spend their non-school hours engaged in fun, but academically beneficial, activities. Through Project Learn, Club staff use all the areas and programs in the Club to create opportunities for these high-yield learning activities, which include leisure reading, writing activities, discussions with knowledgeable adults, helping others, homework help, tutoring and games (such as Scrabble), that develop young people’s cognitive skills. Project Learn also emphasizes parent involvement and collaboration between Club and school professionals as critical factors in creating the best after-school learning environment for Club members ages 6 to 18. 


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