The STEM Center offers exciting new opportunities for all club members to explore concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math.



Today’s youth have a familiarity with technology unlike generations that have preceded them, a skill that is vital to success in school and on the job. Yet with more than 8 million young people lacking regular access to a computer, many will be left facing life-long challenges.

Club Tech, our digital literacy program, aims to make technology accessible, intriguing and fun.

Through the Club Tech suite of programs, kids learn how to use basic business software, be safe online and learn advanced hardware and networking skills. From this basic technical skills curriculum to Game Tech, an introduction to video game development and principles of game design, animation mechanics and software, kids are well prepared to achieve success in school and in their careers.

With the support of sponsors Microsoft and Comcast, Boys & Girls Clubs around the world are delivering Club Tech programs to some 1 million kids and teens every year to build digital skills, access technology resources, expand creativity, perform better in school, and eventually take their technology know-how into the workplace.


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