Congratulations to the Bay Area Sportsman's Association
Sportsmanship Awards for the 2019-20 Sports Season

For Volleyball Games Played on November 9th:

Sportsmanship Awards:

5th Grade: Millicoma White coached by Beau Hampton

6th Grade: North Bend Gold coached by Lisa Lucero

Official's Awards:

Hustle - Avery Pex and Elizabeth Bonner

Professional - Avery Pex, Isabelle Peck, Hailey Crawford and Hannah Groth


For Fall Soccer Games Played on October 5:

Sportsmanship Awards:

3rd/4th Grade: Coquille coached by Kyle Wirebaugh; CB/NB coached by Ben Graudin & Jeremy Ballew

Official's Awards:

Hustle - Katie Carver, Nathan Mullanix, Stephanie Burgmeier

Professional - Mason Pederson, Nathan Mullanix


For Fall Soccer Games Played on September 28:

Sportsmanship Awards:

1st Grade: North Bay coached by Jose Perez

4th/5th/6th Grade: Lighthouse coached by Brandon Saada; North Bay coached by Crystal Thorp

Official's Awards:

Hustle - Nathan Mullanix, Aiden Nolan

Professional - Mason Pederson, Stephanie Burgmeier











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