Congratulations to the Bay Area Sportsman's Association
Sportsmanship Awards for the 2017 Spring Soccer Season


For Games Played on April 1st:

Sportsmanship Awards:

4th-5th-6th Grade: Knapp Cattle Inc. (Cape Blanco Soccer Club) coached by Tobin Sorenson

Official's Awards:

Professional -Isaac Reyna

Hustle - Liam Trapold


For Games Played on April 8th:

Sportsmanship Awards:

4th-5th-6th Grade: Umana's Gardening (Hillcrest) coached by Jacey Peterson

Official's Awards:

Professional - Ben Burgmeier

Hustle - Spencer Mead


For Games Played on April 15th:

Sportsmanship Awards:

1st Grade: F/V CAP Elza (Blossom Gulch AD) coached by Ali Dubisar

Official's Awards:

Professional - Spencer Mead

Hustle - Kaitlin Wall






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