Pre for Kids 3-Mile Run 

Thanks to the efforts of many, the Boys & Girls Club Pre Run for Kids 3-mile race on Sunday, September 18th was again a success. There were 162 boys and girls in 1st-8th grade from Coos Bay, North Bend, Bandon, Allegany, Reedsport, Portland, Coquille, Lakeside and Myrtle Point who participated in the Pre Run for Kids, running through parts of Coos Bay under sunny skies. An additional 27 runners from Coos Bay and North Bend, participated in the Middle School Team portion of the race with North Bend placing first in both divisions. 7th grader Gavyn Tatge was the first runner to cross the finish line with a time of 19:27.57. Brynne Hathorn, a 6th grader, was the overall girl winner finishing in 23:45.74. Both received special recognition with an award courtesy of Linda Prefontaine. The first 3 place finishers in each grade, boys and girls, received medals. All runners received certificates. Those who received medals and their times were:

1st Grade Boys     1st Grade Girls  
1. Titus Hoffine 30:49.31   1. Addison Horning 30:04.38
2. Jackson Grooms 33:16.32   2. Heidi Riehl 31:15.05
3. Izaac Lake 33:30.58   3. Malia Flitcroft 33:15.68
2nd Grade   Boys     2nd   Grade Girls  
1. Troy Hoffine 29:00.57   1. Dollie Austin 29:04.58
2. Camilo Palmas 34:57.49   2. Lily Thompson 31:01.46
3. Kaden Johnston 35:33.04   3. Lexi Forester 34:20.53
3rd Grade   Boys     3rd   Grade Girls  
1. Traiven Karow 23:24.95   1. Raigan Walton 24:19.74
2. Noah Humiston 23:28.99   2. Erica McClintock 24:53.08
3. Ben Sinatra 23:42.84   3. Marley Petrey 25:37.89
4th Grade   Boys     4th   Grade Girls  
1. Elijah Fox 22:31.13   1. Alie Clarke 29:18.67
2. Elijah Bowman 23:08.91   2. Avalon Proctor 30:49.58
3. Isaac Adams 25:20.58   3. Hope Hoffine 30:49.89
5th Grade   Boys     5th   Grade Girls  
1. Corbin Reeves 20:08.94   1. Roxy Day 25:59.86
2. Kienyn Wicks 21:19.31   2. Karsyn Walton 26:00.21
3. Dylan Pittz 22:01.94   3. Bridget Gould 26:42.33
6th Grade   Boys     6th   Grade Girls  
1. Bryant Wicks 19:37.76   1. Brynne Hathorn 23:45.74
2. Drake Rogers 20:55.85   2. Kianna Thomas 27:01.09
3. Caiden Looney 22:31.44   3. Natalea Cook 28:42.52
7th Grade   Boys     7th   Grade Girls  
1. Gavyn Tatge 19:27.57   1. Natalie Pruett 36:55.71
2. Ismael Rodriguez 20:55.85   2. Beverly Mullins 43:14.89
3. Chase Barker 22:30.42   3. Kari Herrin 43:15.19


The Boys & Girls Club congratulates everyone who participated in the race and extends special thanks to the following volunteers who helped during the Pre Race:

            Volunteers: Steve and Jennifer Groth, Steve Delgado and members of the Marshfield Cross Country Team, Jill Christiana, Kathy Burgmeier, Brian Reiber, Dena Miles, Cameron Hartley, Caleb Hartley, Russell Hartley, Chris Rohde, Roger Gould, Jeff Bauder, Zachary Hassett, Rachel Simon, Julie Gage, Jacob Gage, Genasea Riegard, Nikkol Ortiz, Stephanie Gouveia, Carrie Pigage, Madison Rodriguez, Ciaran Murphy, Karlie Whitsen, Annika Strasman, Augustus Bell, Alissa McCord, Seth Terry, Patton Reid, Maria Knight, Deanne C., Shari Busby, Megan Lucas, Allie West, Deanne Coxell, Phillip Hernandez, Matthew Hampton, Rosy Cervantes, Mixtti Rodriguez, Yesenia Millan, Tyson Flitcroft, Don Hynes, Megan Rutherford, Grady Hampel, Kaleb Messner, Trevor Miles, Jeremy Pope, Nathan Monohon, Trinity Burton, Anthony Collins, Dallin Mortensen, Breanna M., Joseph Dawes, Cole Kreutzer, Niall Meeks, Yimei Kerr, Braden Walters, Karen Whitson, Jack Whitson, Jaren D. Claire West, William O. and anyone else whose names we missed.

            Boys & Girls Club Staff: Angie Reiber, Jack Hollingsworth, Denise Gould, and Rob Miles; the City of Coos Bay and staff, Officer Scott Rogers and the Coos Bay Police Department, Marshfield High School and Coos Art Museum.

Special thanks to the Prefontaine Foundation and Tower Ford for making the race free to all runners and the North Bend Jubilee Princesses Anna Langlie, Hannah Shupe, Jordyn Wicks and Janelle LeBlanc for acting as road guards and assisting with the presentation of awards.

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