2017 Pre Run for Kids

Thanks to the efforts of many, the Boys & Girls Club Pre Run for Kids 3-mile race on Sunday, September 17th was very successful. There were 205 boys and girls in 1st-8th grade from Coos Bay, North Bend, Bandon, Coquille, and Myrtle Point who completed the Pre Run for Kids, running through parts of Coos Bay under cloudy skies with some sprinkles.  8th grader Gavyn Tatge was the first runner to cross the finish line with a time of 18:17.80. Brynne Hathorn, a 7th grader, was the overall girl winner finishing in 22:53.84. The first 3 place finishers in each grade, boys and girls, received medals. All runners received certificates. Those who received medals and their times are listed below.


1st Grade Girls        1st Grade Boys
1- Fiona Elgin 28:46.61   1- Isaiah Adams 30:45.06
2- Calli McGriff 33:25.80   2- Ryder Perdue 32:22.51
3- Sky Langley 36:02.24   3- Titus Hoffine 32:35.22
2nd Grade Girls   2nd Grade Boys
1- Addison Horning 26:09.18   1- Wyatt Cordes 27:21.88
2- Malia Flitcroft 27:36.23   2- Josh Andrade Jr. 27:44.43
3- Ella Henthorn 30:13.28   3- Griff Kennedy 28:02.49
3rd Grade Girls   3rd Grade Boys
1- Bryleigh Mead 25:26.67   1- Mikey Lucero 26:04.31
2- Dollie Austin 26:08.81   2- Aiden Young 27:17.88
3- Mara Elgin 29:04.81   3- Conner Wharton 27:33.08
4th Grade Girls   4th Grade Boys
1- Carley Lucero 23:39.24   1- Myles Picatti 21:44.68
2- Kaelyn Hill 25:10.57   2- Noah Humiston 23:47.73
3- Marley Petrey 25:12.11   3- Traiven Karow 23:48.01
5th Grade Girls   5th Grade Boys
1- Alie Clarke 26:46.87   1- Quinton Kloster 23:07.67
2- Ashlynn Young 27:35.51   2- Dakota Hill 24:08.74
3- Kierstin Erwin 28:07.57   3- Elijah Bowman 24:25.25
6th Grade Girls 6th Grade Boys
1- Roxy Day 26:45.55   1- Corbin Reeves 19:49.82
2- Angel Andrade 27:45.14   2- Finley Cheal 20:57.69
3- Gracie Peach 31:55.73   3- Claten Wharton 21:49.40
7th Grade Girls 7th Grade Boys
1- Brynne Hathorn 22:53.89   1- Drake Rogers 19:47.11
2- Sophia Miley 25:13.83   2- Jack Waddington 20:59.82
3- Kally Haynes 27:24.60   3- Hunter Wheeling 21:35.24
8th Grade Girls 8th Grade Boys
1- Haley Kruse 26:32.16   1- Gavyn Tatge 18:17.80
2- Serena Ellis 29:03.62   2- John Efraimson 20:14.52
3- Nyssa Haynes 40:09.51   3- Ian Nolan 20:39.00

The Boys & Girls Club congratulates everyone who participated in the race and extends special thanks to the following volunteers who helped during the Pre Race:

         Volunteers: Jennifer Groth, Steve Delgado and members of the Marshfield Cross Country Team, Jill Christiana, Brian Reiber, Chris Rohde, Roger Gould, Jeff Bauder, Margaret Hill, Jordyn Wicks, Landon Rodriguez, Dylan Walling, Haydenn Matzner, Dylan Stark, Genasea Reigard, Stevie Watkins, Tyson Flitcroft, Daniel Koechel, Chephren Sinko, Jayden Craig, Hailey Crawford, Ashley Truax, Airamis Powers, Lauren Jones, Jordan Denbo, Nathan M., Madalyn Hampel, Brandon Handsaker, Patton Reid, Alicia Jurado, Casey Gillett, Emma Dreveskracht, Hayley Summers, Julie Gage, Matt M., Spencer Mead, Hannah Mork, Ashley Warrick, Bridget Donovan, Deonne Cotell, Yoselin Aguirre, Hassaan Qadir, Cassidy Carr, Jorney Baldwin, Jay Livingston, Payton Davidson, Pierce Davidson, Courtney Grant, Aidan Nolan, Parker Stocker, Tyler Post, Jessica Halzel, Nicole Halzel, Emily Halzel, Steffany Halzel, Edie Clarke, Kaleb Messner, Brady Messner, Wallace Collins, Lillian Collins, Anthony Collins, Chance Espinosa, Katarina Allison, Gannon Holland, Phillip Hernandez, Liam Webster, Dale Schandelmeier-Lynch, Chris Tausch and anyone else whose names we missed.

Boys & Girls Club Staff: Angie Reiber, Jack Hollingsworth, Denise Gould, Garrett Stout and Rob Miles; the City of Coos Bay and staff, Officer Scott Rogers and the Coos Bay Police Department, Marshfield High School and Coos Art Museum.

Special thanks to the Prefontaine Foundation, Tower Ford and TeeShirt Express for making the race free to all runners, the North Bend Jubilee Princesses Kaitlyn Randall and Maria Knight for acting as road guards and assisting with the presentation of awards and Columbia Dist and Big Foot Beverage for providing water for the runners at the end of the race.


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